Art Therapy Workshops

By Hritika Bhagat

Lets Break the Ice @ Offline LinkedIn Community

Sunday, October 18, 2020 | Time : 7:00 PM Onwards

Healing power of arts:

  • Introduction of art therapy with a hands-on workshop
  • Art is healing as it forces an individual to forge a connection between the mind and the body. Unlike exercise, which works on the body, or meditation, which clears the mind, art-making accesses both mind and body to promote healing.
  • Every time one sit down to draw or paint a picture, one is using mental processes in a physically engaging activity.
  • Requirement: Pen and paper , Drawing / Painting sheets, Colors Pens, White Acrylic/ Poster Color

Speaker for the Day !

Hritika Bhagat is an alumnus of MANIT (Bhopal), Kalakshetra (Chennai),India, an Entrepreneur, Eco-artist, Art Therapist, Change-maker and a consultant. Her artworks primarily focused on sustainable art and she is fascinated by beauty of all forms. She realizes that confusion and chaos are always a part of one’s life but with the help of colors one can deal with it and make a lot of difference. She works, in collaboration with multiple organizations to help individuals in managing stress and anxiety by using Art Therapy.
Her art therapy is based on the fundamental principle that the source of stress and anxiety lies in thoughts, feelings and emotions. The tools of art therapy which she practices, touches and heals the source. She uses different forms of visual art technique like drawing, painting, clay work, craft to support the healing process. She has done several Art Therapy Workshops online and offline to promote Growth Mindset.


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